About Us

What services do you offer?
In addition to website design, Staged Webs offers web development, hosting, e-commerce solutions, and digital marketing services such as social media marketing and SEO services. Staged Webs a small business working with other small businesses and individuals.
Do you custom design websites or use pre-made templates?
This usually depends on the type of website that will best meet the clients needs! Sometimes a customized template with some custom code is necessary to achieve the desired result. All web developers should be able to take a template and customize it to the client's desired look and feel. Staged Webs will be happy to discuss your website needs and provide a price comparison. Why try to reinvent the wheel?
Can you provide examples that your company designed?
Yes, examples and designs available on request.
Do you have case studies that show the results your web designs provided for businesses?
If clients have requested social marketing and SEO services - yes there will be data available showing an increase in "site productivity". However, how and where you market your website will influence any "results"
What strategies will you use to generate revenue for my site?
What strategies have you implemented to "generate revenue" from your website? Did you ask for specific advertising to be placed on your website? Have you developed a call-to-action section?
Will you review my current website and analyze its performance before making your design decisions?
Staged Webs uses several tools to test your website performance.
What is your policy regarding building websites for my competitors?
Staged Webs is an independant contracted party to all our client's websites. Would you refuse to hire a plumber or cleaning company just because they service your competitors?
How will my project be managed?
Staged Webs uses a five step process for designing and developing websites:
  1. Design/Development
  2. Testing
  3. Implementation
  4. Evolution
  5. Ananysis
How long will it take to complete my website?
The amount of time needed is based on the scope of the work required and how quickly you provide the needed information. Typically a redesign can be done in about a week. A full website build will usually take about a month.
How many pages will my website be?
Generally, Staged Webs, at a minimum recommends the basic eight pages: Home, About, Contact, Search, Privacy Policy, Copyright notice, Website disclaimer, and an Accessibility notice. We can discuss the addition of other pages based on your business, such as Products or Services, Resource Center, a Blog, Case Studies or Testimonials, Photo Gallery, etc.
What happens if I don’t like the initial design?
Staged Webs will work closely with your company before proposing colors, design layout, images and fonts.
What do you need from me to get started?
You need to provide all the images and text (content) you want on your site. If you provide your own content, it may need a few tweaks for better search engine optimization or design presentation.
Will my website be built to expand as my business grows?
Staged Webs designs all sites with scalability to allow your site to grow as your company expands.
How do you price your services?
Keep in mind that price is based on experience, expertise and the scope of the project. Staged Webs has many services and uses a combination of flat rate and hourly compensation.